Oh Juan Pablo, how your ambivalence drives me insane (and not in a good way)!  If you happened to catch The Bachelor, last night, keep reading, but otherwise consider yourself warned of a spoiler!

Did you happen to notice how much conversation there was around Juan Pablo’s inability to really communicate his feelings, the judgment around his inability to really commit and make his final decision?  In one respect I feel compassion for Juan Pablo; it’s a tough and accelerated road to love when finding it via Reality TV and I can respect the difficulty behind the choice.

Nikki on the other hand, expressed her love to Juan Pablo, continues to express her love and has yet to have that expression returned.  It can’t feel good.  Nikki made some valid points as well in terms of not wanting to force him to express feelings that weren’t there and feeling content with where the relationship was at and willing to give it time to see how the relationship unfolds.

I get it – both sides – and I’m not here to impose judgment on either party.  What I do find fascinating, however, is how hand analysis might be able to assist both of these individuals.

Let’s start with Juan Pablo – although I have never seen them, based on his behavior, I can imagine what might be going on in those hands:

School of Wisdom: When someone is in this life school, they have a tendency to be the wise observers of life.  They keep taking in information, collecting as many facts as they can because they are so afraid of making a mistake.  The idea is that if they continue to collect the information to help inform whatever decision they need to make, they can avoid the mistake.  What is really going on, however, is risk aversion.  People who are in this life school have a tendency to not be able to “fully commit.”  It’s sort of like being in a relationship, but still have your former girlfriends on speed dial just in case your current relationship doesn’t work out.  So, in essence, you have one foot in the relationship and the other one is ready to run.  Given how difficult it is for people in this life school to take risk and make the commitment to take the risk, it is understandable why Juan Pablo might prefer to sit on the fence a little while longer.  The question will be, can he eventually take the risk and commit to Nikki?  This remains to be seen.

Bottom Line Mind:  If you have a head line that curves up at the bottom, you have what we consider to be a “bottom line mind.”  For someone with this headline, they get to the point quickly and it can be perceived as fairly “ruthless” by others.  Juan Pablo had no problem being a straight-shooter, to the extent that it hurt the feelings of others at times.

Although these are only two elements of many within a hand, they really do help you to become aware of how you show up in the world.  It’s only when we are aware of how we are being perceived and bring our strengths and limits into consciousness that we can begin to grow.

Let’s think about Nikki for a minute.  Although I have not seen her fingerprints, it’s quite possible that one of Nikki’s life lessons is Trust, Intimacy, and Surrender.  People with this lesson often find that they are a magnet for unavailable men.  You can be in a room with 100 men, 99 of whom are completely emotionally available and you pick the one who is not!  That is just one of the ways this lesson plays out.  Given the comparisons to Brad Womack, another ambivalent Bachelor, it’s quite possible that Juan Pablo is emotionally unavailable, lending further credibility to this argument. 

Now, while I like to philosophize and consider what might be in these two people’s hands, I obviously can’t accurately say until I have seen them, but considering the elements in the hands is just one way to help you on your life path.  Perhaps you can really resonate with Nikki and find that you are constantly attracting unavailable men (or women) into your life.  Or perhaps you resonate more with Juan Pablo and find it really hard to commit (to anything) out of fear of making a mistake and so you just sit on the fence and wait to take the risk while considering all of your potential options.

Hand analysis is a tool that can help you to bring your innate gifts and blind spots into consciousness.  When you are aware of how you show up in the world, you are able to make conscious choices about your life, your interactions with other people,  and ultimately, grow.  This is one of the ingredients for a joyful and fulfilling life.

If you are interested in learning more about hand analysis and the power of the secrets resting in your own hands, email me for a free consultation.


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