WARTS!  Well, now that I have your attention…

Hello Hand Lovers!

You heard me – today we’re talking warts.  I know, I know – GROSS!  But seriously I think the name is really the worst part.  The thing about warts is that their implications in the hands are REALLY important.

Warts indicate a sense of shame or embarrassment around some element in your life.  The key to determining where the shame/embarrassment exists is contingent upon the area of the hand it inhabits.

For example, I recently had the pleasure of reading hands for a client who had a wart in the center of her palm.  This particular individual also happened to have a rare gift marking known as a star of tears in that same area.  When someone has this gift marking it’s about having an addiction to sadness and a sense of feeling the world’s sadness very deeply.  Given that she had a wart on top of this gift marking was a key indicator that she might have been holding some feelings of shame and embarrassment around some of those feelings.

Sure enough, it turns out that she had some deep shame and embarrassment around the sadness she held regarding a choice she had made years prior around an abortion.  Moral of the story: your hands don’t lie!  So, do you have any warts on your hands?  If so, where are they?  The location is key to their individual meaning!

So, do you want to be FULLY seen?  If you are you are interested in exploring the secrets in your hands I would love to chat with you!  Send me an email to sign-up for a free initial consultation today!

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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