Happy New Year!

Tell me, what intentions have you set for 2014?  This is the first year I set some goals for myself.  While I always thought about some of the things I desired to achieve in the New Year, it seemed really permanent to write them down.  After all, nothing like disappointing yourself a year later when you didn’t hit your personal marks.
If I didn’t write them down, they were never real and I never had to hold myself accountable.  I’m changing my ways in 2014 and letting my THUMBS lead the way!

You see, your thumb is all about your WILL.  If you’ve got a big thumb, the chances of you being strong-willed and determined are good!  When broken down into its three zones, the thumb can actually show you whether you are:

1. Getting the task done (upper zone)
2. Planning or discerning (middle zone)
3. Doing a lot of dreaming (lower zone)

So now that I’ve actually written down my goals for the first time, I have to say, it is really powerful.

And while I know we are only two days into the New Year, I actually feel very clear about where I am going and why.  With the help of our thumbs we can move beyond the analysis paralysis and get where we want to be!

So, what about you, what intentions are you setting for yourself and how do you think your thumb is showing up these days?

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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