Intuitive Guidance

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    The only constant in life, is change. And with change comes uncertainty. Uncertainty brings a swirl of fears and emotions. And we just want to know:

    • Is my loved one ok?  What would they tell me in this situation?
    • Am I doomed to be single forever?
    • Why am I having trouble having children?
    • When will I actually get pregnant?
    • When will this move be taking place?
    • I hate my job, but I don’t know what I want to do?!
    • Why do I have this hip pain?
    • Why do I have such trouble managing my money?
    • When will I win the lottery (I so wish I had the answer to this one)!

    These questions only begin to scratch the surface.  The bigger the heart break, trauma, fear, frustration or emotion, the greater the desire to seek out sources of comfort.

    The truth is, when we feel uncertain, our minds want answers, and they want them NOW.  And we get stuck. We need help seeing the forest through the trees.

    During an Intuitive Guidance session, I work with my Spirit Team (affectionately known as the “L Squad”) to bring forth intuitive information to help illuminate your path.

    Whether connecting with your departed loved ones, ancestors, or Guides, beautiful and loving information always comes through for your highest good. While the information is not always what you want to hear – it will always be what you need to hear for the highest good of all concerned. Spirit always communicates in the most loving and positive ways.


    An Intuitive Guidance session can be helpful in resolving whatever angst may reside within you.

    “Lindsay was able to deliver messages in an informative and loving manner, which helped me feel safe inside a sacred container to explore myself more deeply.”

    “I had the most wonderful experience with Lindsay! Lindsay was able to connect with everyone that I hoped to speak with”

    “I had wonderful reading with Lindsay! She not only brought through messages from my loved ones…Lindsay’s caring nature was evident throughout.”

    Two ways to work with me:

    Intuitive Guidance Session

    You are always being guided by a force greater than yourself.  But sometimes you need some help to understand what the Spirit world is trying to communicate.  Heck, let’s be honest, half that time you are probably questioning if they are even speaking to you, but I assure you, they are.  Sometimes you just need some help translating the message.

    During an intuitive guidance session you will:

    • Gain clarity around your most pressing questions – whether you are longing for a romantic relationship, trying to figure out your next career move,  or are experiencing difficult emotions like loss, grief, fear or anxiety, the Spirit world always knows what we need to hear.
    • Reconnect with departed loved ones – I assure you- they are trying to communicate with you as much as you are trying to speak with them.
    • Understand the metaphysical meaning and implications of physical dis-ease in the body
    • Receive healing messages from Spirit, your Higher Self, departed loved ones, ancestors, and others to help you along your path with more grace and ease.


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    Email Reading

    Are you feeling an urgent need for information right now? If you have one question that is weighing on you and you would like focused information and feedback from Spirit quickly, this is a good option for you.

    Once you purchase your reading, you will be prompted to write out your question for me. For the best results, pleasure make sure your question is focused and you set a strong intention with Spirit for the answer you are seeking. Leave the rest up to Spirit and I will respond to your question within 72 hours or sooner.

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