Hand Analysis

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    What are the stories you tell yourself?

    Does your self-talk sound like an endless list of things that you feel like you need to “fix” about yourself?

    Or perhaps you find yourself needing to plan out and control every event and timeline in your life, feeling like if you leave it to anyone or anything outside of yourself, that’s when things go awry.

    Maybe it sounds like more self-loathing or self-doubt. Or feelings like you can truly show people the real you because let’s face it, people don’t really understand you.

    Whatever stories you are telling yourself, you have good reason. Because if you are like most of my clients, you have spent your entire life crafting your beliefs about who you are based on the things that have happened TO you.

    Here’s the truth, your feelings are valid. And the obstacles, hardships and traumas you’ve experienced are legit. They certainly have contributed to who you are. But they don’t need to define you anymore and they certainly don’t need to define your future.

    Herein lies the power of Hand Analysis. Your hands reveal a map of your soul – the lessons you have come here to spend your life learning about and the gifts you have come here to share with the world.

    Your hands reveal the blueprint for your most fulfilling life. When you align yourself with your gifts and can recognize where your lessons are tripping you up, it’s easier to move through life with more ease and grace and with a deeper sense of purpose and peace.

    Stop arguing for your limitations and fight for your happiness and your dreams!
    Allow me to show you the way…

    Hand Analysis is particularly helpful if you:

    • Are trying to understand relationship challenges;
    • Trying to uplevel your business and earning potential;
    • Gain greater clarity about the obstacles and challenges you are likely to bump up against;
    • Are looking for more joy, peace and fulfillment in your life;
    • Are feeling stuck and are not sure what direction to head.

    “It was amazing what Lindsay was able to tell me about myself based on my hand analysis. She hit on aspects of me that I would never have been able to articulate at this point of my life, but as soon as she described my life purpose and life lessons, what she was saying instantly resonated with me.”

    Life Purpose Reading

    (As featured in the NY Times)

    During this private Hand Analysis reading, Lindsay will decode your fingerprint patterns to reveal your souls’ blueprint for this life. The gifts you are here to share with the world as well as the lessons you are here to spend your life learning about and your blind spots are all covered in this session. You will walk away with a metaphysical understanding of how to live your most fulfilling life and how to translate the information into practical application.

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    Soul Blueprint Package (4 Sessions)

    Dig deeper into your soul’s blueprint to identify and change lifelong patterns holding you back from living your best life. In this package, you receive a Life Purpose Reading as well as (3) three additional (1-hour) coaching sessions to help you delve into your most pressing issues to accelerate your path to prosperity and abundance.

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    Level 1 & 2 Hand Analysis Training Intensive

    Are you looking for a way to generate income while offering profound insights and meaning to your clients? Whether you’ve had your own hands read and know the power of this modality or are looking to learn how to read your own hands (and do the same for others) this 22-hour training course is the foundation for certification as a Scientific Hand Analyst with the American Academy of Hand Analysis.

    Click here for further detail on the curriculum and program.

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