Hand Analysis Training

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    Life Purpose Intensive

    Level 1 & 2

    This Level 1 & 2 Intensive is the ultimate entry point into learning the sacred and scientific language of hand analysis.

      • Are you ready to identify and clarify your reason for being from a soul-centered perspective?
      • Are you still wondering, “What am I here to do on planet earth? What’s my purpose?”
      • Do you want to resolve frustration and overwhelm and bring more clarity to your life and what you do?
      • Do you feel invisible, neglecting your gifts at home, the office or with yourself?

    If what you seek is deeper awareness and life-fulfillment we have the ideal training program for you. This Life Purpose Training Intensive offers results in soul-centered awareness where troublesome Life Lessons are shown to lead directly to a life lived on purpose.

    The next Level 1 and 2 Life Purpose Hand Analysis Intensive will be held from:

    MARCH 25, 2024- JUNE 10, 2024

    Class will be held on Mondays from 6-8pm EST/ 3-5pm PST via the Zoom platform.  All sessions will be recorded.  The dates/times may be altered depending upon group preferences.

    If you are interested in registering, please use the Contact Form and write, “Hand Analysis Intensive.”

    In this Life Purpose Intensive training course:

    Learn how to read the basics of the palm so you can immediately apply what you learn with
    friends, family or in your business – including

        • Analyze hand shapes (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) to assess individual motivations
        • Read Fingers and Mounts to assess energies for personal expression
        • Understand the power of the Thumb and one’s capacity for results
        • Decipher Heart Line types to translate non-negotiable needs in relationships
        • Understand essential mental tendencies by reading the Head Line types
        • Identify, decipher, rank and read fingerprint patterns (whorl, loop, tented-arch, arch and peacock) so you can describe the Life Purpose, Life Challenges and Life Path for yourself, family members and clients
        • Construct your own Life Purpose Chart based on your unique fingerprint patterns
        • Student hand prints are referenced during class as an additional learning aide
        • Clearly see what to specifically do so you can advance on your master path with in-class assignments
        • Integrate the palm code with the fingerprint code and give more precise readings for deeper awareness
        • Practice giving mini-readings
        • Receive an extensive vocabulary so that you have plenty of words to recall and use when giving your readings

    Why the AAHA, why this Intensive, and why now?

        • Classes are kept small for maximum one-on-one support
        • Experiential learning environment to help you instantly transform what you’re studying into practical application
        • Lindsay, Kay Packard, AAHA Founder and Director and the Associate Faculty are committed to the highest quality student transformation.
        • Course content is rich, clear and precise based on scientific evidence
        • 180 page student workbook is thorough and extensive
        • 50 hand prints to support course lessons
        • Weekly calls to keep you plugged in and consistently advancing while completing the course
        • Three (3) private one-on-one mentor sessions to build confidence and increase understanding
        • Advance into the AAHA Year Long Certification and Business Breakthrough program following completion of the Level 1 & 2 course!

    Investment: $2,500

    Recordings of all calls are included in your tuition


        • Kay Packard’s book: Your Life Is In Your Hands: Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living
        • International students: Add shipping and handling fees for training manual
        • If your heart is feeling called to learn this sacred art and science, please send me an email and let me know if you’d like to speak further about this opportunity!

    (Payment invoice will be generated upon class registration)