Level 1 & 2

Curriculum and Lesson Plan

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    0 – Introduction

    I  – The Hand at a Glance

    Lesson 1: The Hand – The Mounts, Three Worlds of Palmistry
    Lesson 2: Beginning Hand Shapes
    Lesson 3: The Skin and Feel – Texture, Consistency, Flexibility, Color
    Lesson 4: Fingers – Phalanges, Finger Tips, Knots, Length
    Lesson 5: Blending it all together – Exercises

    II – The Thumb

    Lesson 6: Characteristics
    Lesson 7: Thumb Zones
    Lesson 8: Angle of Opposition
    Lesson 9: The Set
    Lesson 10: Blending it all together

    III – The Fingers and Mounts

    Lesson 11: Fingers – Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury
    Lesson 12: Mounts – Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury
    Lesson 13: Mounts – Mars, Moon, Venus and Pluto
    Lesson 14: Finger Sets
    Lesson 15: Blending it all together

    IV – The Lines

    Lesson 16: The Heart Line – Relationship Styles
    Lesson 17: The Head Line – Mental Systems
    Lesson 18: The Life Line – The Family and Root System
    Lesson 19: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury Lines
    Lesson 20: Girdle of Venus and Line of Intuition
    Lesson 21: Blending it all together
    Foundations Certificate Level 1 The Palm

    V – Fingerprints

    Lesson 22: Decoding Your Life Path
    Lesson 23: Decoding Your Life Calling
    Lesson 24: Decoding Your Life Challenges
    Lesson 25: Integrating the fingerprint codes
    Lesson 26: Integrating the palm with the fingerprints
    Foundations Certificate Level 2 Fingerprints

    “How to Give a Reading” Templates included

    Level 1 & 2 Certificate also requires 25 hand readings