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    Give your mind a rest
    and align with the truth of who you are…

    Your mind is running the show (perhaps it’s the first kind of marathon you’ve ever run!)

    And if it’s anything like mine, it’s full of anxiety-inducing Oscar-winning scripts about the trajectory of your life.  And the worst part is- you actually believe those thoughts!

    So you start aligning with fear instead of truth.  Which, prevents you from connecting with your spirit, your higher self, your intuition- the most important person you will ever have a relationship with – YOURSELF.

    And then you stop trusting yourself and your connection to the greater Universe.  You look outside yourself for validation that you are worthy.  You start to hide, conform and shrink away from your inner brilliance.  And you close off your roads to joy, happiness, and universal magic.

    The stories you are telling yourself are what keep you stuck in the doom loop, the shame storm, the anxiety game.  Ruminating about the past and worrying about the future keep us out of the present moment.  It’s the inner makings of anxiety and depression.

    breathwork intuitive services

    But WHAT IF there was a way to let all of that go?

    • What if…for a few minutes, you could see the truth?
    • What if… you could clear the emotional barriers keeping you stuck and your mental tapes on replay?
    • What if…you could learn to trust yourself again?
    • What if…you could clear the physical pain causing dis-ease within your physical body?

    It’s all emotional clutter.  And it’s gotta go.  Every last bit of trapped emotion needs to be released.  Years and years of holding onto these emotions is weighing your physical body down.  It’s impacting your mind.  And it’s a never-ending cycle unless you take control.

    If you are ready to live each day with more calm, clarity and peace, give this a try.

    It can feel challenging to drop into the practice if you are doing this for the first (or 50th time) on your own, typically because your mind is fighting you for control.  The mind is resisting letting go.  When you engage in a private session, I create a safe and nurturing container for you drop deeper into the practice to move the energy and quiet the mind. I hold space for you and your healing as you move through this practice, bringing attention and awareness to particular challenges in the emotional and physical body as we allow Spirit to do the heavy lifting.

    All private sessions include:

    • Coaching around current challenges
    • Active breathing session
    • Customized playlist so you can continue your practice on your own

    Private Breathwork
    (Single Session)

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    Private Breathwork Package
    (Three Sessions)

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    When I tell you [breathwork] was one of the most magical practices I’ve ever experienced, believe it! A lot of emotional clearing occurred and I’m still completely aligned from it. It tamed my egoic reactions and raised my overall vibration. I also have more compassion in my heart for myself and others which is necessary in this moment in time. If you suffer from anxiety, there are holistic tools to manage and cope with fear. I highly recommend reaching out to this angel if you are seeking an integrated approach to healing the mind and soul. ~Carole-Anne

    Breathwork and Medical Intuitive Combined

    Have you been experiencing aches or pains in your physical body that seem to be resistant to other types of treatments? While breathwork is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, by the time you are experiencing pain in your physical body, your mental, emotional and spiritual energy centers have been out of whack for a while and need to be rebalanced. During this session, my Spirit Guides will scan your energetic body to determine areas that may be blocked with trapped emotions. Once we determine the root cause, we customize a plan to move the energies to restore harmony and balance within your energy system to resolve the physical imbalances.

    All private sessions include:

    • (1) Medical intuitive reading
    • Individual coaching around your current challenges to enable emotional release
    • (2) Active breathwork session
    • Customized playlist so you can continue your practice on your own

    Disclaimer: Breathwork is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment Always consult with your health professional if you have any questions or concerns about engaging in a breathwork practice.

    Private Breathwork and Medical Intuitive
    Combined Session

    breathwork medical intuitive

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